Unbelievable PVC material price increase Jan 01, 1970

Unbelievable PVC material price increase

Since the beginning of 2018, the overall market of PVC raw materials has remained high, and even if it occasionally drops, it will rise again with the market.

As the saying goes, there is no love and hate for no reason, and price increases are not groundless. In the second quarter of 2018, more factors that induce price increases are coming, and they are coming violently. Among these factors are the irresistible international environment, the national policies that must be implemented, the environmental protection direction that keeps pace with the times, the regular company periodic maintenance, accidents, man-made speculation... a variety of factors are intertwined. As a result, chemical companies are cautious and struggling, and they have to use price increases to combine rising costs and tight supply.

Next, we will interpret the factors that contributed to the rise in the price of PVC raw materials

1. Anti-dumping trade war, it is difficult for imported raw materials to enter the Chinese market, and chemical giants have raised prices

2. The Syrian war and the tense international situation gave rise to a jump in the price of chemical raw materials

3. The general trend of energy saving and emission reduction has been set, and waves of environmental protection inspections are coming in full swing

4. Various international summits are being launched, production companies have given way, production capacity is limited, and prices will inevitably increase

5. Accidents occur frequently, rectification is serious, production is restricted and production is stopped, which directly leads to price increases

6. Environmental protection tax began to be levied in April, boosting costs

7. The company's phased maintenance conducts the phased increase in the price of maintenance


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