Online Cutome Original Printing Mat In Jan 01, 1970

Online Cutome Original Printing Mat In

This Is a Welcome Printing Mat, it's made by pvc coil mat, printing from our new machinery. It comes from levao mat factory, belonging to the real customized printing mat

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The Levao Pvc Coil Mat is made of 100% environmentally friendly PVC material and processed by machining. It is foam backing design soft, durable, flame-retardant, moisture-proof, anti-fatigue, non-slip, etc.

The pvc coil mat can be customized according to your needs in different shape, thickness and size . Such as doormats, floor mats, kitchen mats, sign mats, car floor mats, pet mats, etc. It is widely used in homes, offices, commerce, factories, outdoors, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places.

Printing door mat can customized pattern, Very low MOQ requirement.

The floor mat plastic door mats high-quality PVC material, the floor mat color is bright and durable, not easy to fade. Unique full-load ductile spinneret structure, scraping mud, abrasion resistant, anti-mildew antibacterial.


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