Is PVC Mat Poisonous? Jan 01, 1970

Many people like to place PVC floor mats in the bathroom or at the door. They are not only beautiful, sanitary, but also anti-skid. But what is PVC floor mats? Is PVC floor mat poisonous?

If you want to understand it, you need to start from the following aspects

1. Is PVC floor mat poisonous?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride),It is a polymer polymerized by vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in peroxide, azo compound and other initiators according to the free radical polymerization mechanism under the action of light or heat.

PVC floor mats are often added with stabilizers, lubricants and other additives in the production process. They have excellent stability such as non flammability, high strength and temperature resistance. All components are free of poison. PVC floor mats have good anti-skid performance, convenient cleaning, no ponding and can be dried in time. They are commonly used anti-skid products in homes and entertainment places

2. How to choose PVC Floor mat

a. Smell
Because PVC floor mats are mostly made of natural materials, it is easy to know whether the added materials are environmentally friendly, qualified and durable through taste

b. Pull hard to see if it is fragile

You can tell the quality of the material by tearing the fiber by hand


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