5 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Car Mat Jan 01, 1970

While car mats are the major part in the interior of our vehicle, it plays an important role in keeping our car’s hygiene and maintaining the interior appearance of our vehicle. The car mats help trap contaminants and protect the floorboard of the vehicle. However, the car mats have to be replaced once in a while to maintain the hygiene and safety of the car. Here are the 5 signs that you should replace your car mats.

1. Car mats slip around
If the car mats are too thin and light, it will slip around and it is annoying because you have to readjust it back in place. Slippery car mats pose a danger to drivers as it may impede the clutch, brake or accelerator if the car mat slips underneath those pedals while driving! Hence, replacing worn out and dangerous car mats are highly recommended!

2. It’s worn
Having a hole in your car mat does not only affect the aesthetics of the car mats, it can also be a hazard and has potential to create havoc on the road. Especially for ladies who wear heels, it may cause the tip of the heel to get trapped, distracting the driver’s attention while driving. Reaching the pedals quickly while driving is essential for safe driving, thus replace your car mats if they are worn through.

3.The size doesn’t fit to the floorboard
If you’ve ever owned an universal size car mats, you are well aware that no such thing exist! Each vehicle is unique and has their own specific shapes and contours. Thus, car mats in wrong sizes will not protect the carpet underneath from damage. A gap in coverage exposes your carpet to dirt and fluids the car mat would have normally captured. If spills from drinks or dirt stain on the carpet, it will be hard to remove and wear away the carpet. The damage isn’t great because it is far more expensive to replace carpet flooring of your vehicle than it is to buy a set of car mats. Regardless if it’s oversized or too small, just like Goldilocks says, they need to fit just right!

4. There is mold
Mold is one of the major health risks stemming from old, worn out car mats! Mold releases spores into the air, which could then travel into your lungs when you breath, triggering nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, wheeze and respiratory infections! More severe conditions such as asthma and allergies are worsened by the mold. Therefore, we’d recommend you to replace your cat mats sooner rather than later, especially if you or your family members are likely experiencing poor health.

5.Funny smells
Smell something funky when you’re in the car? This could very likely be your car mats! Just like the regular car wash keeps your car clean and shiny, you car mats deserve the same treatment too. However, if they still smell funny after a wash, perhaps it’s worth considering a new set of car mats because no one likes the embarrassment if having their passengers mention their ride smells funny.


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